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Solid Surface

What Are Solid Countertops?

Corian and Dupont countertops are engineered, which means they’re man-made. They resemble natural stone, but aren’t porous. It looks like stone on the surface, but inside, you will find something else. If you were to slice granite down the middle, you would find a variety of particles that make up the slab. It’s a beautiful scene, but is also the reason it’s prone to breaking and cracking.

If you were to cut solid surface slabs, you would find a stable base. Dupont’s slabs are the same from surface to surface, the same with Corian.

Acrylic vs. Polyester

There are two types of solid surfaces, those that are acrylic-based and others that are polyester-based. The polyester version of solid counters are less expensive, but aren’t as high quality as the acryclic countertops, which are newer. There are a variety of brands that make acrylic counters, like Staron, which is 100 percent acrylic. Formica makes countertops that are either polyester or acrylic. The polyester counters have vibrant colours, which is suitable for thermoforming and other fancy fabrication work.

What is Solid Surface Counters Composed Of?

Technically speaking, solid surface countertops are made with 66 percent minerals and 33 percent biding resins. The minerals include aluminum trihydrate, a bauxite derivative. This is a fine white powder that gives the counters a smooth consistency.

You can compare the difference with quartz, which are 10 percent resin and 90 percent minerals. It’s easier to identify the minerals, such as marble, granite and glass.

What Are the Best Versions?

There are different qualities of solid surface counters. This includes:
• Strong: This is different than laminate, since its plastic goes completely through. This makes it more resistant to impact.
• Non-porous: This is able to resist bacteria, providing better sanitation for the kitchen.
• Easy to rehab: Solid surfaces can become scratched, but they can be erased using the manufacturer sandpaper.

An Expert is Needed

Solid surface countertops aren’t DIYer friendly, so you’ll definitely need to hire a contractor to perform the installation for you. This is due to the fact that you have to be an authorized retailer to buy Corian. You also have to be a skilled installer to complete the job. Aside from wood, all countertop materials are hard to fabricate without the proper expertise and tools.

Solid Surface vs Quartz

Quartz is a popularly used material for kitchen countertops. It looks like natural stone, but doesn’t come with the pitfalls of marble and granite. When contrasting quartz and solid surface, you’ll find that both have their pros and cons.

When it comes to the composition of the two material, quartz is 10 percent resin, while solid surface is 33 percent acrylic resin. Some find the composition of quartz to be more satisfying. Both require a contractor to purchase and install the slab. If you are a cook, you will enjoy quartz more because it has a higher resistance to heat.

When it’s all said and done, you have to do your research to see which type of countertop would look best in your kitchen. Just keep in mind the above information as you’re shopping around.