Project Description


Kitchen re-modeling is no mean feat. Before you start to re-model your kitchen, these are a few elements one have to look into it first.

Understanding these few elements will help you plan your kitchen layout and creating a smooth work flowand also help in your budget planning.


Get to know the size and the uses, if possible, view the appliances physically. You need to know if you are comfortable using gas hob or induction hob. Older generation prefer to use gas hob as they can see and feel the strength of the fire, compare with the younger generation, which they like the clean look of the induction hob. If budget is not and issue ,you can combine both gas cooker hob and induction hob in your kitchen design planning,


When selecting the hob, you also need to look together with the hood. Hood is necessary as it create an element of a complete kitchen. Hood is always position above the hob, this help to filter oily fumes or smoke if one is doing heavy cooking or frying. There are also wide range of hoods to choose from, and always pick one that work effectively in the kitchen if you love to cook.


Selecting a kitchen sink and planning the position in the kitchen is very important as it help with the work flow when you are a preparing a meal. Coming to selecting a kitchen sink, there are a wide variety to choose from and come in various prices.

Weather a large single bowl sink or double bowl sink, top mount or undermount sink, and the type of materials the sink is made of, all this will affect your budget.

Top Mount Kitchen Sinks

Top mount kitchen sinks simply fit into a cutout in the countertop on top of a base cabinet.
These types of kitchen sinks are easier to install and are relatively cheap. However, top mount kitchen sinks don’t have the sleek appearance of under mount kitchen sinks. It will collect dirt.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are installed below the countertop, so the sink effectively hangs under the counter.
Since the lip or rim of the sink does not sit on top of the counter, it creates accurate flow from countertop into the sink.
The under mount kitchen sinks are great for home and also easy to clean because there is no corner where normally dirt gets accumulated.


Generally, there are 2 types of refrigerator, the stand alone and the built-in refrigerator. Built-in refrigerator cost 3 to 4 time more than a normal stand alone refrigerator. Deciding the types of refrigerator early help in planning of your kitchen lay-out , not forgetting the electrical power point. All these pointers will help you to plan your budget accordingly.