Project Description

the mosaic of the third millennium

Mosaico Digitale

An innovative technology that revolutionizes one of the most ancient and fascinating decorative methods of the world, opening new expressive possibilities in the architecture as in the design.

the Mosaic, the oldest form of digital reproduction

An ancient concept, then, but it is proposed in an innovative way thanks to the advantages offered by the materials used and the absolute quality of digital print.

“The mosaico – continues Pepe – is maybe the oldest form of digital reproduction, with its pixelled pictures that only the wise artisan cure for composing colorful tiles allowed to create masterpieces. In the era of marketing 3.0 we managed to make this process actual and modern thanks to the using of technology: the file for the print is given in two versions, a tiff for the chromatic part and for the reproduction of the imag, and a vectorial file for the creation of the layout for the cutting of the tiles. Thanks to this process we can decompose the picture in different ways, and so we can propose tiles of several sizes and shapes, with grouts more or less stressed depending on the esthetic effect we want to obtain.”

the lightness. Mosaico Digitale weighs only 1,2kg/m2

and this solves both logistic problems and application problems (it can be installed easily also on the ceiling).

The thickness reduced only to 2 mm allows furthermore to place it also on existing surfaces without expensive restructuring works, representing a cheap and practical advantage. The second advantage is the possibility of personalizing. Having a surface and customizing it without limits for the creativity is something unique, it allows to crate particular and personal environments and atmospheres. In the end, but not less important, the big flessibility of Mosaico Digitale makes it the perfect material for the contemporary architecture.

In the end, but not less important, the big flessibility of Mosaico Digitale makes it the perfect material for the contemporary architecture. Curved, concave and convex surfaces, sinuous or inflexible shapes: its two-millimeters thickness and the technologic research allow us to offer a solution always perfect and flexible, that is the reason why the most famous designers and architects in the world have believed soon in the project and honor us with prestigious collaborations for several ranges, from contract to the private to the world of expositions”.

Lightweight and flexible

Great for outdoor use

Any color

Any Picture

Any Shape

A big advantage, which is underlined by the versatility of the resin. “Resin – Pepe tells – is a unique material for performance and resistance.

Its technique features make it good for using it indoors and outdoors (waterproof and resistant to UV rays), it is extremely resistant to the use and thanks to the cut in tiles it can be easily renovate in case of damages.

These features make it perfect also for application on the floor; logically in this case we have to think and treat it like a traditional floor, so with all the classic procedures of laying and cleaning, even if it’s possible to install the mosaic decoration on panels which can be placed where necessary (for example expositions, modeling, contemporary events).

In this case we have once more the advantage of thickness and lightness, which allow us to place mosaic also on existing surfaces (so without expensive works of removal of the existing floor) and of the application rapidity (without considering that the material is sent wit DHL all over the world in few hours)”

The firm creates mosaics of any size which can be 100% personalized, starting from a digital picture chosen by the client and elaborated by an exclusive software ideated by Pepe&Con a technologic proceeding decompose the starting digital picture, for printing it on tiles in resin films, starting from a minimum of 2x2cm, chich, as in a huge puzzle, will compose initial picture.

Each tile, with the picture part correspondent, will be numbered to allow to the installers to dispose the in the correct position, in an easy and rapid way. The resin film adapts perfectly to the texture of the wall, to the corners and curves, on which traditional mosaic couldn’t be placed.

Spaces become personal not only thanks to the picture reproduction but also choosing and adapting to your own tastes and supports, shapes, distances and also the content of the tiles of digital mosaic, which can also be enriched with other elements like Swarovski, gold, coffee, decorative stones, minerals.
Since the first fairy presence at Hostelco in Barcellona in October 2008, the brand has been soon recognized.

Mosaico Digitale puts an innovative system based on the most modern digital technologies beside the mosaic traditional technique, making possible in this way the realization of a limitless number of solutions in the shape and in the chromatic scanning.

Mosaic is a millennial decorative form: we wanted to propose it but in a more modern and creative way, with light materials, easy to place” – Salvatore Pepe asserts, manager and soul of the firm – Mosaico Digitale was born in this way, really as a decoration philosophy which shows three unique pluses.


Company Profile


Starting from October 2008 Pepe&Con Srl, with the futuristic project Mosaico Digitale has spotlighted the millennial art of mosaic, revolutionizing its creative perspective.