Project Description

Black Granite

Kitchen sink is a necessity. Every kitchen needs at least one sink. It provides a contained space for you to work with water while minimising the splatter and water mess. From washing food items, utensils and dishes, to organising and holding food and more. To cool, dry and preparation. These multi-function feature make the sink an indispensable part of the kitchen. Here are some incredible kitchen sink ideas and designs to inspire your next kitchen upgrade, renovation or new home kitchen design.

Hide and Conceal

This kitchen sink comes with secret compartments. Intelligently managing clutter and keeping smaller items organized. You can use space for concealing the ”unsightly” items in the kitchen like dishwashing scrubs, detergent and sponges and keep them out of bay.

Drainers and Strainers

Cooking and other kitchen works are made easier and more organised with these kitchen sink accessories. Drainers, racks and strainers that can fit over the basin make washing multiple items faster and easier.