Project Description

GIGA CER was born in Faenza cradle of ceramics and cutting edge of technology, industrial and handicraft production of ceramic materials.

The territory offers the environment and the skills necessary for the development of an innovative pioneer in its field and in line with all the more stringent regulations on the environment and the quality of products.

The experience and technological innovation come together in the design of a new way of making ceramics: flexible, original, high quality and, above all, aiming to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding market and looking for new products.

And ‘this is the mission of an’ enterprise innovative, modern, and definitely Made in Faenza .

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General Catalog

The time and place where we started out determined a product philosophy and work method shared by our entire workforce there: safety at work and respect for the environment are essential elements for our production.
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The design of our facility and the concept of our product both include these aspects, which are nowadays essential for a modern, comfortable workplace.
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