Some simple design ideas to make your HDB flat bathroom look like a hotel.

Ever fancied hotel bathrooms that you could do the same in your HDB flat?
Here our  list of simple ideas to get the luxurious bathroom you can dream of…

Use furniture style-vanities.

The cabinet in your bathroom doesn’t always have to look plain with laminated of your choice.

Use of solid wood like the photo above to give you a classic look. Your guests may even ask you if it’s an antique!

Decorate in white…

The use of white colours give you a feeling of a clean bathroom. Moreover, it give also give you an illusion of space, that make you feel the bathroom is much bigger. As such, it give you a bigger feel that most hotels are. Keep it simple to give you a minimalist theme.

Marble, marble and more marble.

Most 5 stars hotel bathroom use marble and we probably all know that marble are pricier than tiles. However, you may consider using smaller size marble for the wall and floor, as the price is cheaper than the bigger size marble In this way, you will not still be burning your pocket to have hotel bathroom.

Add some greenery.

If you are not keen on having gold in your bathroom, then try some green. We all know that looking at the colour green can help us to relax, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to add some life to a place we visit frequently in a day. Orchids are recommended for their ability to bloom in high humidity, and succulents are always a fool-proof option.

Get a large mirror.

Having a large mirror in your bathroom make it bigger. Most hotel mirrors’ are built wall to wall that give you big mirror.

You don’t have to fight for the mirror anymore!