A world which sees art and engineering as divided is not seeing the world as a whole.

Professor Sir Edmund HappoldĀ 

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Retro Inspired Kitchen
With Quartz Countertops
Retro inspired quartz countertops
that resemble Calacatta marble
CONTRASTING COUNTERTOPS Contrasting counter materials with cabinetry colour adds major drama to a kitchen. White-oak cabinets and dark granite countertops not only differentiate the kitchen area in this open floor plan, they also add a level of sophistication and warmth to the space. A clever match of classic white kitchen & navy blue millwork cabinet , It blends beautifully with marble and brass. NAVY BLUE MILLWORK GRAVITY-DEFYING ISLANDS
Maximize the sense of clean, open space within apartment kitchens have been drawn to gravity-defying islands. With these unique islands, the functional elements of the kitchen recede to reveal more space and become an extension of the architecture itself. They can also have a chameleon effect, bridging the gap between classic, prewar architecture and more contemporary-feeling spaces
Extending the countertop material up the backsplash allows you to streamline the number of materials in a kitchen and create a clean and contemporary look. It also results in a beautiful background for dinnerware and accessories on open shelving

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