Project Description

Vetrovivo fully Made in Italy,

a real Transparent quality.

Vetrovivo seal certifies its authenticity.

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It’s nice to project, it’s easy to play with the different shapes and colors with fantasy: many, few, irregular, horizontal, vertical and always very colored, it’s an irresistible and optimist choice..
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Free fragments in a precious range of Mineral colors with a rich effect or of Plain Colors for a stronger impact. Very natural is the feeling offered by the Tumbling, they look like glasses captured by the sea.
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The new projected background expresses with absolute aesthetic sensibility the contemporaneous mood with an emotional
approach to the nature memory, that is its power point.
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Enhanced by the surface embossed effect and by the wide range of shiny or matt colors, offer original combination possibilities for surfaces that optically vibrate and live up new spaces and volumes with great fascinating effects.
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The subjects can be simple and minimal in even color, or in surprising mix colors, all these versions are available also with the insertion of pieces in texture on bas-relief.
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