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New sensations. Its gaze looks to the future, aiming with precision towards new horizons always capable of sustaining, within its own panorama, the aesthetic, formal and related initiatives brought by this company, which was incorporated more than 30 years ago

Ceramica di Treviso
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Based on age-old know-how, on rules and on rule-infringement: such creativeness as can grasp, through signs, forms and colours, the language of an ever changing world.
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Ceramica di Treviso is a reference point for those looking for quality, taste and the sensitivity typical of those achievements born out of the hands and experience of the artisan-artist.
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Symbolism, Art Nouveau.
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GEA miniToKi

Italian ceramic mosaic tiles. Stunningly sophisticated.
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The colours, apparently trapped between a ground and glass lens change, discompose, run in a uninterruped game of irregular shapes, twisting, multiplying, create unique tales that everybody catches in a endless thread of pure visual beauty.
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