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Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A., with head office in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, was founded as a group in December 2003 from the merger between Ceramica Serenissima S.p.A., Ceramica Cir S.p.A. (also owner of the Capri Ceramiche trademark) and Exe S.r.l.

It also owns 100% of Cerasarda S.p.A., Ceramica della Costa Smeralda – founded in 1963 by Prince Karim Aga Khan as part of his Emerald Coast construction project. Its headquarters are located in Olbia, Sardinia.

On 1st June 2005 the Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A. group also took over Cercom, a company specializing in the production of solid porcelain stoneware, with two factories located in the Comacchio, Ferrara area, just a short distance from the Po Delta Park.

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New York

Created to furnish contemporary environments with the charm of the post-industrial period.
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Chicago recreates the timeless beauty of vintage, revealing its hidden contemporary urban side. Seemingly worn by the passage of time, this series comes in warm, rich tones for both indoors and out, for an original perspective, fused with personality.
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Pinpointing the essence of contemporary living means finding the meeting point between tradition and innovation.
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Riabita il Cotto

The cotto through time characterizes each style with the charm and simplicity of a contemporary classic.
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Concept is the new collection by Ceramica Cir, whose ample range of colours, sizes and decorations embodies a new vision of interior design in glazed porcelain stoneware.
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On the sandy coasts around Biarritz, sometimes visited by passing Atlantic whales, there are monuments and views of
great elegance. The appeal of the ocean waves pounding onto the beaches has transformed it into Europe’s California.
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Anni '70

Appealing colours and explosive forms: the “70’s” give a room character with their modern and original style thanks to the collection of the same name in porcelain stoneware.
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Saint Tropez

Alain, Brigitte, Carol, Catherine, Sophie, Jean Paul: the jet set is back in town, with the warm shades of Saint Tropez; porcelain stoneware that dresses any room with a touch of prestige and uniqueness.
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Seducing with colour and beautifying the surroundings with its decorative variety, the Tentazioni range gives a new identity to interior design.
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English Chic.
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Via Emilia

Their main feature is the strong colour shading on the surface and,enriched by reflflections and shade variations, Via Emilia, is extremely decorative and perfect for giving warmth and vitality to restoration designs.
Via Emilia

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